We are a legal tech service company that digitizes asset investments.

We provide legal, technology and distribution services to tokenize investment and raise capital.

Our solution leverages standardized and regulated financial instruments to build a security token, which is compliant and marketable.

We offer institutional, fund, retail and family offices investors access to a new, fully liquid and 24/7 globally tradeable asset class.

  • Legal


    We run our own law firm specialized in asset tokenization within a regulated framework. Our legal templates allow for easy creation and approval of SPVs, securities prospectus and terms of sale.

    Our legal consulting expertise and partners support your project’s successful tokenization from start to finish.

  • Tech


    Our full service SaaS solution is based on the ERC20 and ERC1400 Ethereum blockchain standards. It acts as a sales and issuance platform for your security token.

    Our smart contracts provide secure, instant liquidation of your assets. You benefit from automated real-time bookkeeping, disbursements and standardized APIs of our token smart contracts.

  • Distribution


    Our digital white-label sales platform offers you an investor dashboard with 24/7 access to buy and sell transactions, integrated promotion campaigns and market overview.

    Payments for tokens are in Euro or various cryptocurrencies. You automatically gain access to our exclusive high-net-worth crypto investor network.


When you tokenize private equity, you get instantly liquid, globally tradeable assets.

Your benefits

Your benefits

Our clients benefit from low emission and administration costs.

Templates for easy approval and standardized setup allow for a quick token emission.

Our service includes an approved prospectus template for security tokens that are compliant and marketable in the European Economic Area. From a regulatory perspective, these tokens will be regular securities according to European law.

Tokenized assets are fully compliant securities on the blockchain. The blockchain is a digital ledger that can validate and register transactions in real-time without the need for a central authority. Tokenization enables illiquid assets, such as real estate, to be made liquid and globally tradeable, since the standardized tokens are integrated into designated secondary markets.

Our digital wallet safeguards the secure storage of your assets. Smart Contracts on the blockchain ensure the secure trading of your assets. Our legal services provide the legal certainty for your new financial instruments.

Tokenized assets can be traded on designated secondary markets at any time.

Our Proof-of-Concept

We have built the world’s first equity backed, fully regulated Real Estate Security Token.

  • Real Estate Backed

    Real Estate Backed

    The Real Estate Security Tokens represent a diversified portfolio of Real Estate. An attractive asset class with almost no volatility.

  • Steady Value Growth

    Steady Value Growth

    The Real Estate Security Tokens are expected to reflect the continuously rising value of the Real Estate portfolio. Expected annual return on investment of 5% - 7.5% (IRR).

  • No Upside Limitation

    No Upside Limitation

    Investors participate fully in the value appreciation of the Real Estate portfolio.

  • Stable Target Market

    Stable Target Market

    Focus on the German Real Estate market; one of the most stable markets in the world. Raising a portfolio of 250 Mio. €.

  • Improved Liquidity

    Improved Liquidity

    Real Estate Security Tokens will be tradable on designated exchanges open 24/7, thus they offer direct and immediate access to liquidity [of an actually illiquid asset].

  • 100% Sale of Fundament Tokens

    100% Sale of Fundament Tokens

    All emitted Security Tokens will be sold to investors! No dilution by the usual output of tokens to founders nor consultants.

  • Fully Regulated

    Fully Regulated

    Fundament’s Security Tokens are fully regulated. Including a mandatory annual audit by external auditors.


Fundament Group is the first mover within this upcoming digital financial innovation. With us you will become a substantial part of this new development right from the beginning.


Automation of legal process

Automation of legal process

In the digital domain many legal processes can be automated, once templates are written. By getting rid of unnecessary legal hold-ups, you save time and money.

Digitalisation of fund distribution

Digitalisation of fund distribution

Investment management infrastructure is outdated. Software systems are fragmented, expensive, non-compatible and prone to failure. By unifying investment practices into one agile management system on the blockchain, all processes are interlinked, creating the blueprint for the future of investment.

Scalable business model

Scalable business model

Our tokenization service company is a scalable business model. As the leading legal, tech and distribution company, our goal is to create the Fundament Group Security Token, allowing investors to directly invest in the company’s equity.



Third-party involvement in investments waste time and money, notwithstanding are prone to human error. We aim to further securely decentralize investment practices, which in turn offers transparency, compliance and regulation.