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Real Estate

We have built the first security token for real estate investments approved by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

We provide a digital security backed by German real estate, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain and powered by the ERC-20 token standard.

Our Real Estate Token is injecting liquidity into traditionally illiquid real estate investments. It is globally tradeable.

Fundament Real Estate is an independent project of Fundament Group. Fundament Group offers a one-stop-shop solution for tokenizing investments.

Investment Overview

IssuerFundament RE Germany GmbH (local court Hamburg; HRB 150935)
Type of investmentSubordinated token-based bonds with annual variable interest rates
Type of incomeIncome from capital assets
Planned rate of return4 % p.a. (IRR) plus possible sales revenue
Token priceEach token has a nominal value of EUR 1 at the time of issuance
Currency of issuanceDividends and repayments are denominated in EUR
Repayment100 % of the nominal amount of the token-based bonds, as scheduled on 31 December 2033
Methods of paymentInvestments and payments are made in EUR or Ether
Annual interests paymentsAnnually on 31 July

Securities Prospectus


The Real Estate Token

Fundament offers an asset-backed security token for real estate investment with a fully approved prospectus by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). Investors can choose to invest in EUR or in the cryptocurrency ETH. Repayments will be made accordingly.

Asset - Backed

The Real Estate Token represents a diversified portfolio of real estate - an attractive and stabile asset class.

Steady Value Growth

The value of the Fundament Real Estate Token rises with the value of the real estate portfolio. An annual return on investment of 4 % p.a. (IRR) plus possible sales revenue is expected.

No Upside Limitation

Investors participate fully in the value appreciation of the real estate portfolio.

Stable Target Market

Focus on the German real estate market; one of the most stable markets in the world. Fundament has access to real estate projects of several hundred million EUR.

Improved Liquidity

The Real Estate Token can be tradeable on exchanges open 24/7, offering direct and immediate access to liquidity for a traditionally illiquid asset-class.

100% Sale of Tokens

All security tokens will be sold! No free tokens will be granted to founders or consultants.

Fully Regulated

The Real Estate Token is fully regulated and accessible for all kinds of investors. The issuer will be annually audited by independent external auditors.

Invest in EUR or Ether

Investors can choose to invest in EUR or in the cryptocurrency Ether.

The German Real Estate Market

Due to its stable growth, Germany’s commercial real estate market remains a highly desirable investment opportunity for global investors.

Although new construction activity has increased in recent years, there still exists a chronic shortage of commercial space in German metropolitan areas.

The result of the above factors is a sustained upward trend in purchase and rental prices for commercial real estate and an attractive opportunity for investors looking to profit from the German real estate market.

The Fundament Real Estate Team

Thomas Ermel
Thomas Ermel

Chief Executive Officer

Real-Estate Investor
Felix Ermel
Felix Ermel

Chief Operating Officer

Project Development

Advisory Board

Florian Glatz
Florian Glatz

Founder Fundament Group

Robin Matzke
Robin Matzke

Founder Fundament Group

Jan von Lewinski
Jan von Lewinski


CEO convento real-estate GmbH
Dennis Huget
Dennis Huget

Tax & Company Structuring

Partner at NBS Partners